6 Corrective Colors That No One Told You How To Use


Corrective Concealers 101

Have you ever seen concealers or makeup primers that are colored orange, purple, or even green? If you've ever thought that these unusually colored items look like they belong in a child's art supply kit and not on your face, then you're not alone. Although corrective concealers can be intimidating they are extremely useful if used correctly!

The purpose of corrective concealers and primers is to neutralize the color of the skin and cancel out any discoloration like redness, dark circles, hyper pigmentation, or tattoos coverings.

If you've ever applied foundation and still have scars or redness that are still visible it's because a corrective concealer is needed.

Applying layers of foundation can create a cakey look. It's best to neutralize the effected area. 

Here are the most common color correctors and when to use them: 

Orange: Great for neutralizing hyper pigmentation from acne scars or dark circle around the eyes and lips in medium to deep tones 

Green: Used to correct redness. Sun burn, red blemishes, rosacea, or broken capillaries

Peach/Salmon: Grey or blue shadows typically seen under the eyes 

Purple: Not common, but neutralizes yellow tones in the skin which can be caused by illness or yellow bruising 

Blue: Corrects rich deep orange tones like ones from a bad day at the tanning bed. I like to remember by saying "you only go TANNING on a nice sunny BLUE sky day"

Yellow: The safest color to correct with. Great for all skin tones. Neutralizes purplish under eye circles.

How To:

Corrective concealers are most effective when applied under foundations or a skin toned concealer. The goal is to correct discoloration first so that you can begin application with a neutral canvas. 

Apply only to the effected areas.

Depending on the size of the area you can use your finger of a makeup sponge. 

It's important to adjust your corrective color to the shade of your skin. For example, there are many different shades of orange concealer. Someone with a deeper skin tone should use a deep orange concealer.

Color correcting is not always necessary. Use accordingly when needed. 

For a more in depth explanation, I recommend studying color theory which is great for any makeup artist. 

Hope this helps! 

Products to Try


1.    LANCÔME Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector Do you want smooth skin like a newborn baby? Look no further. As a former biologist I love it when beauty and brains unite. This skin corrector is like no other. With the help of a little molecule called LR 2412 this serum propels through skin layers reversing UV damage, wrinkles, and acne scars. After using this product my skin felt significantly smoother the very next morning.

2.    OLE HENRIKSEN Truth To Go Vitamin C Wipes Now I don’t know about you but at the end of everyday I look forward to two things that are inevitable. Letting the girls free with the release of my bra straps and removing my makeup. These wipes are unlike many other makeup wipes. Not only do they remove makeup but also deposit essential nutrients like Vitamin C and moisture in the skin simultaneously. It’s a gently cleansing wipe that I throw in my gym bag and also have one right beside my nightstand...that’s how great they are.

3.    PHILOSOPHY Resurface - The Microdelivery Dual-Phase Peel I really don’t know what else to say other than HEAVEN! This gentle at home non-abrasive peel will give you an instant skin makeover. If you love seeing instant results with your beauty products this is for you. It’s a two-step exfoliating system that rejuvenates the skin with our favorite ingredient vitamin C!

4.    Beauty Blender “What’s that pink egg”? I get this question from the majority my clients. Popular among the world’s best makeup artist and now conveniently available to the public, the beauty blender is the new modern way to apply foundations. It’s a reusable makeup sponge applicator that’s non-disposable and eco friendly. When used wet, this sponge applies any liquid or cream foundation with a seamless air brushed finish. After every use I've found that cleaning my sponge with bar soap and warm water is helpful which makes them like new.

5.    OLE HENRIKSEN  Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster As we age each day our cells loose collagen. This collagen booster brightens the skin and is enriched with Vitamin C, which minimizes fine lines, supports natural collagen production, and leaves the skin feeling smooth and healthy. This award winning skincare product is one of my favorite serums. You will see a dramatic improvement with the texture of the skin. And it’s great when worn alone or under your makeup.

6.    Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray in Medium This is the best hairspray I have ever been introduce to. I love it because it not only does the traditional job of holding hair, but it’s lightweight and workable. The hold is strong enough for a full day style and still flexible enough to be brushed out. 

7.    MAC Face & Body Foundation Waterproof, long wearing, satin finish, light weight, buildable coverage and invisible to the naked eye. Need I say more. Everything you want in a foundation this baby has it. If you're new or partial to foundation I recommend this as a first step. Its so lightweight you'll barely know its there. I also use this product on men for male grooming. Looks just like skin! This will always be a must have in my professional kit but also my personal vanity.

8.    JOSIE MARAN  100 Percent Pure Argan Oil If I could bathe in this stuff I would. Argan oil absorbs easily in to the skin and is also great for hair and nails. Josie Maran has provided pure organic oil that is brilliantly formulated without parabens, sulfates, GMOs, or synthetic fragrance. Many have seen improvement in skin hydration and reduction of wrinkles and fine lines after just 4 weeks.

9.    Velour 100% Mink Lashes The original creators of mink lashes do it right honey! Velour mink lashes are cruelty free and handmade and worn by celebs like Beyoncé, Jessica Alba, Demi Lovato, Kate Upton, and Brooke Burke. These are perfect for any special occasion including anniversaries, weddings and prom. Lashes add the final glamorous touch to any makeup look, but mink lashes add glamour AND luxury.

10. Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation I use this foundation on my private clients for film and editorial appearances. If it’s great for HD television then you know its perfect for real life. I recommend this product if you’re looking for a medium to full coverage foundation for a special evening out. Another advantage is the wide selection of colors which ranges from porcelain to deep ebony tones.

11. C.O. Bigelow Men's Hair & Body Wash Elixir White Now just like any Saturday weekend excursion at the mall we cant leave without something for the fellas. Whether this is a gift for your man or fellas a gift for yourself this is a sexy scent for any guy. The lather is amazing and a little goes a long way. My only critic would be needing to hire a personal bodyguard after you step out the shower.