All About False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes 101: Everything You Need to Know! 

Artificial eyelashes are in the kits of every professional makeup artist across the world. They are your secret weapon to an ultra glamorous celebrity look. If you've ever wondered what separates your makeup look from the rich and famous the simple solution is false eyelashes. 

Created on a movie set in 1916 they are still a beauty product that is evolving. So here is a quick 101 lesson on everything you need to know about false eyelashes. 

How do I select the perfect pair of false eyelashes?

Lashes are available almost everywhere these days. The most common mistake that I find is that lashes are not one size fits all. False eye lashes should be customized and selected with your specific needs in mind. So the next time your shopping for the perfect pair keep these things in mind. 

When applying makeup when should I apply false eyelashes?

Always apply false eyelashes as one of the final steps. Sometimes when you apply lashes first the fallout from your eyeshadow can lay on top of your lashes, which is a not the best look. 

What are eyelashes made of?

There are all types of materials that are used for making lashes. The most common is recycled rubber. Even though some packaging may say "Human Hair'' sometimes it is not. Other materials can be cruelty-free mink hair which are a personal fav! 

How much are false eyelashes?

Depending on the material eyelashes can range anywhere from $1 to $100 and up. 

What is the best type of glue to apply lashes with?

There are several types of eyelash glue. I recommend using a waterproof, long wearing formula like DUO Eyelash Adhesive $9.

Tips for applying false eyelashes

  • Use a minimal amount of glue.
  • Wait about 40 seconds before applying to allow glue to become tacky.
  • Use tweezers or an lash applicator tool for easy application. 
  • Once applied, always use mascara at the base of the lash to blend the lash with you natural lash

WARNING: Avoid nail spas who offer cheap semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

Cheaper is not also better. The average quality semi-permanent eyelash extensions should cost you starting at $150 and up. If you find yourself being quoted something that seems a bit to good to be true (like under $40) than walk away. There are countless spas that offer cheap extensions from uncertified/unlicensed nonprofessionals. They tend to use an adhesive, like hair extension glue, that may cause damage to your natural lashes and in severe cases vision damage.