How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

The Cleanest and Most Affordable Way to Clean Your Brushes and Sponges!

The most unrewarding part of being a makeup artist is cleaning brushes. Although time consuming and tedious it is one of the most important parts to flawless skin. I recommend cleaning your personal brushes after each use. When brushes are not clean bacteria can grow and cause breakouts and skin irritations. 

After using some of the most popular brush cleaners on the market I have found the best results have been when using the Safeguard Bar Soap (Retail $4.50; 8 Bars).

It has been known for years as the 'family germ cleaner' but more importantly it eliminates up to 99% of bacteria. This soap cleans that dried black eyeliner on your angled brush instantly and turns a brown dirty MAC 168 brush back white in just a few swipes! 

I love this bar soap for many reasons but an additional bonus is the way it cleans a good ole Beauty Blender and MAC Powder Puff.

HOW: Simply create friction with the sponge or brush by rubbing it against the bar soap and follow with a rinse under water. Viola..,clean!

Available at Walmart, Walgreens and online!