How To SMILE EVEN When it hurts

    On the set of ABC's Good Morning America with anchor Robin Roberts


On the set of ABC's Good Morning America with anchor Robin Roberts

Letter: Why I Haven't Blogged in Over 6 Months

To Whom It May Concern,

Instead of jumping on my blog with a new entry of a product review or new beauty tip, if you look closely at the date of the last post you will see that I haven't wrote a blog in over 6 months.

I'm not one of those beauty bloggers that writes weekly or daily. I write when I feel inspired. Honestly,  I can say that I have had the most interesting events in my entire life occur in the past few months. I haven't been dedicated to blogging because I've been so occupied with LIFE! 

During my absence I have had so many experiences both extremely bad and extremely good.  I lost someone very close to me not by death...but by heartbreak. I celebrated my 26th birthday, moved to a new place, and bought a new car. 

Even though my personal life has been a bit "cray-cray" I still manage to always have a smile on my face and be productive. My company has gotten a few minor face lifts, including a new division (personal image consulting), new logo and graphic designs, and we recently joined the Wedding Wire network.  I also got the blessing to work at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week  in New York City, 20/20 News and Good Morning America. 

Finishing touches at MBFW Fall 2015

Finishing touches at MBFW Fall 2015

But the most exciting thing to have happened to me has been in the past few days. I just found out that a VERY well known media company (to be announced)  is considering me for a hair and makeup position. My interview is in 2 weeks and I know that God has already done it! 

With all of this said I'm sure you can understand that blogging has not been a top priority. But the purpose of addressing my "MIA-ness" isn't to give you excuses but to inspire someone that may be going through a very difficult time.

Celebrating my birthday while on-set

Celebrating my birthday while on-set

Even though so many great things have happened to me I felt very numb. On the outside you would say "Oh she's winning" but on the inside I was dealing with so much pain and stress. But I was able to take that energy and use it as fuel to maximize on my blessings that were right in front of me. Learning to manage and separate emotions from circumstances is key to staying focused. No matter how bad a situation may seem there is always a solution and keep in mind that it is temporary. Challenges are meant to develop us. If you remain the same and never went through anything you will never grow. 

Once the storm is over, you wont remember how you made it through , how you managed to survive. You wont even be sure whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you wont be the same person who walked in. That's what storms are all about. 

I've learned to not look at bad circumstances as problems but just as an adjustment to receive something bigger and better. With the support of my faith, family, and friends I was able to understand that "this too shall pass" (Psalm 30:5). You know the saying "Get your life"? Well that's what I've done and I'm so excited to be back!  


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