Don't Neglect The Neck

Your Age Is In Your Neck and Hands!

Great skin is on the top of everyone's wish list. If you have it, you want to keep it. And if you don't have it, you want it. But are you guilty of avoiding your neck? The neck and hands are a common way to tell the true age of any women because many of us neglect these areas. Next time your doing your skin routine remember these 3 tips for beautiful skin!

Blend…All the Way Down!

This rule doesn't only apply to foundation blending but also serums and moisturizers. When applying beauty products, don't forget to apply them also to your neck and décolleté. You don't want your face to be 20 years younger than your chest.

Most of us affiliate aging with wrinkles around the eyes, lips, and forehead. As women age we naturally give our face the most attention, because that's where we want people to focus. 

Oftentimes when we age our face is flawless and sometimes the chest is visibly damaged from sun exposure and aging spots. Likewise, the hands. 

So, next time you apply your favorite moistures or foundation…don't neglect the neck! xoxo